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Burner or stinger injuries are named for the symptoms associated with a nerve injury to the shoulder. What Are Burners and Stingers? Burners and stingers are injuries to the nerves of your upper arm, at either the neck or shoulder. They often occur as a result from a collision in contact sports. The brachial plexus is a bundle of nerves that starts in your spinal cord. These nerves are responsible. Burners and stingers are cervical injuries that occur when the head and/or neck is forcefully hit and moved to one side causing the shoulder to be pulled in the opposite direction. Stinger injuries are often associated with playing sports such as. What Are the Symptoms of a Stinger or Burner Injury. Athletes with a stinger often describe a sensation of ‘electricity,’ warmth, discomfort and/or numbness. They may often report arm weakness. Symptoms tend to be brief, lasting seconds to minutes. With more significant injuries symptoms can last hours or even days and weeks. Stingers and burners can range from mild where the pain lasts for a few minutes, up to very severe injuries. With any neck injury, it is important to rule out more serious conditions such as neck fractures, spinal cord injury, damage to blood vessels or brain injury. The athlete should be immediately removed from play if there are any.

A stinger occurs when there is an injury to the network of nerves surrounding the neck and traveling to the shoulder, arm, and hand. In football we commonly see stingers when the neck is stretched to the side during a tackle. We will also see stingers occasionally when the side of the player’s head makes contact with the ground. This is known as a stinger. A stinger can also be called a burner and is an injury that happens when the head or neck gets hit to one side, which causes the shoulder to be pulled in the opposite direction. Stingers/burners often happen at the high school level but can occur at all levels of play. Stinger/Burner neck injury cause. Athletes who have sustained burner or stinger injuries should not return to their sport including conditioning or practice until the pain is completely gone, complete range-of-motion and muscle strength have returned and there are no other residual symptoms, such as tingling, numbness or weakness.

traction injury. occurs by downward displacement of arm and bending of neck away from side of injury; compression injury. occurs by lateral head turning toward affected side; direct blow. can cause injury with blow at Erb's point superior to the clavicle. 09.05.2016 · A brachial plexus injury is sometimes called a burner or a stinger. It happens a lot in contact sports, like football, when the neck and shoulder area get over stretched causing injury. The.

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Burners re-occur frequently, as high as 87% in some studies. The risk of experiencing recurrent burners injuries is permanent damage to the nerve. However, this risk is small, but may be due to the high level of non-reporting that takes place in many sports. Stingers/burners typically affect the C5 /- C6 nerve roots or the upper trunk of the brachial plexus. Mild injury may result in neurapraxia and conduction block, leading to temporary sensory deficits and weakness that may last from minutes to weeks. A stinger can also be called a burner and is an injury that happens when the head or neck gets hit to one side, which causes the shoulder to be pulled in the opposite direction$1.Dr. Alex Jimenez helps patients achieve neck pain relief through chiropractic care, an alternative treatment option that carefully corrects any spinal misalignments or. A look at what a stinger or burner injury is and what they can do to the neck and shoulders. We will look at: Symptoms Treatment Prevention Contact.

Burners also called stingers are injuries to the nerve network that provides feeling and muscle control in the shoulder, arm, forearm, hand, and fingers. The medical name for burners is brachial plexus injuries. They are common sports injuries. Most go away pretty quickly. The brachial plexus. Burners and stingers are intense pains that occur when the nerves that run from the neck to the arm are stretched or compressed. This typically occurs in contact or collision sports where the shoulder may be pushed backward or the head and neck is forcibly pushed to the side. Burners are most common.

Diagnosis and treatment of a burner or stinger. These injuries usually resolve with rest and time. It can take a few minutes to go away, or it can take hours or days in rarer cases. A football player who suffers what he thinks is a stinger or burner should talk to the athletic trainer or team doctor to get it checked out. As I explain in this. Burner And Stinger syndrome is usually caused when there is an impact on your shoulder or neck due to an injury while playing any sport. This is most typical in case of young athletes when he falls or takes a blow to his shoulder or neck. Learning Center Neck Stinger/Burner - Brachial Plexus Injury < BACK A stinger or burner is an injury to the nerves that travel from your neck and down your arm. More Information: More on Brachial Plexus Injury from the American AcademyRead More.

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